Monday, September 28, 2009

Using surprise elements in Collage

Far North
10 x 8 mixed media collage on watercolor paper
by Miki Willa
This collage uses handmade paper, magazine images, found "paper", paper wasp nest, image transfers and acrylic paints. I wanted to get the feeling of being near a rushing stream near the mountains during a salmon run, but also wanted snow. When I think of being on the Skagit River during the winter, I can see the mountains, feel the cold in my toes and fingers, and imagine the eagles feasting on the abundance of salmon. I used magazine images for the rocks, the rushing water on the right, and the first ridge of mountains. I liked the textures in these images. I used hand made paper for the rock overlay and the mountains on the left and in the distance. I used a part of a paper wasp nest on the right side distant mountain. It was a gift from nature left on my front stoop. When I was walking with my granddaughter, and seeing the world through her inquisitive eyes, I found the piece of pulp that had been weathered and run over many times for the mountain in the center. I did my first successful image transfer with the salmon. The trees are also an image transfer. The last thing I did was glop and spray "snow" over it all. This is that transitional snow when it has been warm enough for bit wet flakes, then starts to turn really cold and the flakes get finer. I also used some textured rice paper to enhance the snow and the rock texture. I think I like doing these landscape like collages better than the geometric ones, but I think there is a place for geometry as well.
I have a few more I have done that I will be posting later this week. Please come back and take a look.


Suz said...

Oh Mikie, when I clicked on your page I was so surprized by the white and blue and snow...of all things..I love it! Your composition appeals to me...and I love the wasp paper in there. I like the different directions the mountains moves.. First make it sound like desire

Suz said...

I can't believe you didn't get my long winded comment from this afternoon. Anyway..I said I was crazy about your collage!

Megha Chhatbar said...

Beautiful collage. The composition is very nice. Well done!
Pencil Sketch: Rajasthani Man playing flute

Margaret Ryall said...

You are going full steam ahead with collage. I love the idea of the wasp nest. It's good to see your success in image transfer but you didn't tell how you did it. I'm curious. There are so many ways.

april said...

I love this piece and love hearing about the interesting "papers" you used. It's beautiful, Miki! I think I also like doing the "landscape type" collages too.

RACHEL LAM said...

This piece is so unique and beautiful! I would be giving you a giant hug right now.