Sunday, November 1, 2009

Digital collage

Red Chevy Truck
10x 8 digital collage
by Miki Willa
I have been down with pneumonia these past two weeks, and have not had much energy to create art. I am feeling better this weekend, finally, so decided to try and do something with some photos I took before I got sick.
I went to take some photos of a house and found this wonderful surprise in the driveway. I love old trucks. This one was beautiful. It had some issues, like a flat tire and dirty whitewalls, but it was really quite a regal beauty. I know I will do much more with the photos I took, but I decided to try a digital collage first. I usually find old trucks in overgrown places, so I found a photo I took of weeds near a freeway off-ramp for the background. Yes, I do always have my camera with me. You never know when something wonderful will ask to be photographed.
This is my first attempt with these photos. Now, I want to learn how to soften the edges so they blend with the weeds. My husband is a whiz with Photoshop, so I am sure he will be happy to teach me. I will also print out the photos and use them in mixed media collage.
I really enjoy finding unexpected treasures like this. I like old things - buildings, cars, hand made tools, quilts. Many, many years ago, I was the director of a small historical museum. The most fun I had was talking to people about the old tools and how things were done in the earlier times. I loved building displays that helped tell the story of the old piano, or the set of wood planers. I am seeking to get that kind of joy into my art. I didn't realize it until recently. Now, my path has a new direction, or is it an old one I have strayed from. Time will tell.


Uta said...

Its looking good. Can't wait to see more. I love old things too especially if they are rusty

Suz said...

how about some shots of the rear looking forward.....very interesting subject matter.....good eye

Elena said...

Looks great! Beautiful car and your new direction sounds fun. I hope you're feeling better.

Megha Chhatbar said...

Hey take care of your health first Miki! I am also waiting to see more of your work! I love this one. Amazing collage!

Water Color Pencil: Bani Thani in Ancient Look...!

april said...

Sorry to hear that you've beens sick! Great collage; so different for you. Love the red truck. Laura will love it too!

Laura said...

Hi Miki,

Oh what a beauty she is can't wait for more to come.

p.s. sorry to hear of you illness hope you on the road.... to recovery with that now.

Doris said...

Finally found my way here! Take care of yourself! Wonderful pieces to study!

april said...

How are you doing, Miki?

Martha Marshall said...

Love that truck! And I love how you portrayed it.

Take care of yourself.

AnaTango said...

Congratulations ! Your Digital Collage is very nice.
I love Cars!
I have a Dodge 1979 - five doors - almost original.
And tomorrow in Buenos Aires will start the international competion DAKAR ARGENTINA - CHILE.

april said...

Glad you liked the moon pix, Miki. Hope everything is okay and that this new year is a healthy one! Miss your posts.