Sunday, January 24, 2010

Creating visual odes

Ginko - Ashland - 2009
7 x 5 mixed media on mat board
by Miki Willa
Lately, I have been creating small collages to commemorate times and places that have become important to me. I love the ode as a written expression of praise. I have decided to call these pieces visual odes.
This piece reminds me of a three day retreat I took to Ashland Oregon last summer with a wonderful friend. We spent time wandering into shops, creating art, and seeing a play. We found great inspiration everywhere we went. We went into a Tibetan import shop. I found a wonderful shirt and pants there, as well as the prayer flags I have been wanting for a long time. We saw beautiful art, yummy yarn, delightful jewelery. We tasted fantastic food. We walked in the park. Along the way, I picked up these ginkgo leaves from the sidewalk. I pressed them and have been waiting to use them in a collage.
For this collage, I used pages from my extremely old and well used Norton's Anthology of English Literature. I have had this since early college days. I used a variety of other papers, including a round disc I found on the driveway in a rain storm. I wanted to try the cruciform layout as a starting place. I didn't know I was going to use the ginkgo leaves until I realized this was the perfect place for them.
I am also working on a deck of inspiration. I will share the first few on my next post. Another name I have for it is the Creative Freedom Manifesto. Curious? I will tell you more next time.


sukipoet said...

I like yr idea of visual odes. I adore ginko leaves and found bunches on a sidewalk on the cape but that was years ago and they have all been used. must find another tree.

Margaret Ryall said...

I like the collage and I'm intrigued by your manifesto. Can't wait.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Things are sounding very creative here Miki. I am curious about your freedom manifesto. I must say your current header is really intriguing!

Elena said...

Oooh love this. Very nice. Can't wait to see the manifesto.

Suz said...

You are on a roll
Love these collages
manifesto...can't wait

Pia Nygaard Pedersen said...

it is nice, you are realy good at this, there are many beautiful peaces, on you blog.

april said...

Love this idea of commemorating times and places with collage. Cruciform is a perfect layout too. I have done something similar with my class a couple of times and it leaves you with something special. It's beautiful, Miki.