Monday, January 18, 2010

Return to blogging

Refiner's Fire
6 in by 9 in mixed media on mat board
by Miki Willa
One of my intentions for the new year is to get back to regular blogging. It is one of the things that got put on the back burner when time got scarce. I have increased the time I spend watching my granddaughter; I have started a new career in my advancing age; and I have not been really good at managing my time. I am working on prioritizing my time to include more creative time and art related activities, like blogging.
This collage is one of my more recent creations. If you have followed my blog at all, you know that I am fascinated by glass art and the ways in which it is created. I have done a series of pastels on this subject, and one of them inspired me to try and convey my interest using mixed media collage. The oven used to heat the glass as it becomes art is referred to as a glory hole. The fire inside is very hot and very intense. When I am staring into one of these incredible fires, I am often reminded of a spiritual song called Refiner's Fire. Thus the title. For this piece, I used handmade paper, scrapbooking paper, and gold acrylic paint. I used a piece of mat board waste from the framing studio in the garage as the base.
One of the things I am finding so great about my new emphasis on collage is the reusing of materials that would have ended up in the rubbish. I use much of the cardboard I find in cereal boxes, shipping boxes, and more as bases. I am aware that they are not acid free, but that is fairly easily remedied. I use junk mail to create interesting textures and surfaces when I am building up the collage base. I have a wonderful collection of bottle and jar lids to use as stamps. I don't know about where you live, but here they only want the bottle in the recycling, not the lids. I have even begun to pick up interesting looking detritus along the road - mostly paper of some form. I am on the lookout for paper wasp nests whenever I am out - abandoned ones only - ever since I found how great they work as color and texture in a collage. This was an unexpected aspect of this art form for me. It makes me very happy.
Hopefully, I will be posting at least once a week for a while, increasing as I get better with my time. Belated joy filled New Year to everyone.


Margaret Ryall said...

Good to see you back Miki, Like you I've started a new career on a part time basis. I've had to reorder my usually open days. I'm actually getting more done! I like your collage, the colour scheme is exciting.

Megha Chhatbar said...

Welcome back and Happy New Year to you Miki! Nice collage.

Color Pencil Drawing-Rajasthani Painting

Suz said...

I had to look twice to make sure it was a new post!
Love the reusing of items in your beautiful collages
found items too
I love found objects
they have history but can't tell us
ooh the mystery
just like a work of collage is mysterious
Glad you are back

Elena said...

Welcome back and Happy New Year. Great to see your new work and the new things you've been doing. Looking forward!

april said...

Yes, your collage is exciting and I love the title. So glad you are back posting, Miki. And you've given me additional ideas of things to save to put on my list!

Willa said...

So happy to see your posting! Looks like you are doing great things again.