Sunday, June 7, 2009

New acrylic abstract

Inside Over There
11 x 6 acrylic on watercolor paper
by Miki Willa
I really like working with split complements, especially this combination. For this painting, I started out with a mono-print. I applied the paint to parchment paper. I used pretty thick layers because I wanted some texture. I put a piece of watercolor paper over the paint. I used a rolling pin to get even pressure to make the print. I was really pleased with the textures that were created. Purple and Payne's gray made up the first layer of the print. After the print was dry, I applied the orange, blue, and magenta with a credit card across the texture so that it would be picked up on the ridges. I also used some Titan buff to add some lighter areas. I really like the areas where I left the white of the paper showing through.
If you are interested in winning a free original painting or professional photograph of a tulip image, be sure and hop over to Tom's blog, Tom's Images, and vote for your favorite. The drawing witll be on June 18 from the people who make comments and select a favorite. These are beautiful images, so don't miss out.


Megha Chhatbar said...

Lovely color combo..:)

butterfly woman said...

I am Beverly/SunHawk from AW. Just wanted to stop by and see your work. Beautiful. I love the colors in this split complementary piece. So few colors, wow. I am a colorist by nature so find limited palette intriguing. Beautiful abstract yet it seems you had fun! I used to do detailed work but then began to dabble in abstracts. Feels loose and freeing and playful. Love your creations and blog and your presence on AW. Will be back!

Elena said...

Miki, I enjoy the range of your work. You have control of your detailed work and yet you are comfortable with the abstract. Very good. Thanks for sharing.