Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine for Tom
10 x 10 mixed media collage
by Miki Willa
Happy Valentine's day, everyone. I created this valentine for my husband and actually framed it. It is the first collage I have framed. It is created with five layers of wonderful hand made paper, two hearts of scrapbook paper, and one of wrapping paper. I had great fun selecting the papers, hand tearing the hearts,and figuring out an interesting layout. There was no stress to this project, just joy. All creative projects should be this way. That is a big part of my artistic goals for this year.
Speaking of goals, part of my life coaching group homework this week is to work on setting a goal and creating a plan to achieve that goal. I am excited about creating a series of visual odes (see this post) about places I have visited or lived in that left a strong impression with me. In addition to the visual piece, I want to share a story or two about the place. As I get more clear about the goal, I will post about it here. Part of the plan will include an accountability piece. When I was doing a painting a day, I set up this blog to keep me accountable. I think this will be part of my accountability system for this project as well.
I am still working on my artistic freedom manifesto. I will have more photos in the next post.


sukipoet said...

lovely collage. good idea for the accountability piece

Margaret Ryall said...

I'm glad you created this lovely piece with joy in your heart. I'm interested in hearing more about your course with Leslie.

Tom Willa said...

I love it.

Suz said...

You are blessed
I love that you made this for your husband
and it is fabulous

april said...

Absolutely beautiful valentine.

Cyrielle said...

This is adorable! I love it, miss you.