Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Water Lily at the Hilton

Water Lily
9 x 12 soft pastels on Art Spectrum Colourfix
Miki Willa
I think I have solved the lighting situation in my little studio. At least I can see the colors of the pastels before I pick them up now. That was a good thing this morning since I decided to do this on black paper. I was going for the dramatic effect.
The weekend after our furniture was shipped, we stayed a couple of nights at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki. What a beautiful place! There are several lily ponds on the grounds, all teaming with beautiful carp. Fortunately, there were blooms in each pond. I took several photos, but I liked the composition in this one the best. I attempted to paint a lily pond painting before, and was not happy with it. I like this one much better. I am especially happy with the depth I was able to attain in the flower.
I tried to get some carp in the photos, but I was concentrating on composition, and the fish just wouldn't hold still. I do have other references of this kind of fish. Perhaps I will be able to combine references when I get moved and have my computer back again.

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Tom said...

Great originality. Monet could have used some lesson in painting waterlilies from you. I think they float dramatically with complimentary contrast and shadows, ou la la !