Monday, June 16, 2008

The Olympic Mountains in Spring

Spring on the Sound
9 x 12 soft pastels on Art Spectrum Colourfix
Miki Willa
Summer isn't officially here until this weekend, but we have had absolutely beautiful days yesterday and today. It still feels like spring after unseasonably cold weather. It snowed in the mountains last week. We took full advantage of the sun yesterday, and we drove east to a great park along the Green River. As soon as our computer gets fixed and hooked up to the printer, I will be doing some paintings from this area. In the meantime, I am using photos from a few years ago as reference.
This painting is from a photo looking west across Puget Sound toward the Olympic Mountains.

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Tom said...

So very glad that you are back blogging. I Love the mixture of elements natural and the hues you chosen to present. Super of detail to create a focal area.
Have a great day