Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Painting Details - or not

Virginia's Pond
12 x 9 soft pastels on Art Spectrum Colourfix
Miki Willa

In my continuing journey to become a better artist, I find I am looking more critically at some of my favorite artists to see what they are doing right. I am beginning to see that there is a way that these artists handle details that draws me in. James Gurney wrote a post about what artists include in their paintings that was really though provoking along these lines. One of the artists who handles details in a way I find quite wonderful is Richard McKinley.
McKinley knows just where to include details and where to indicate them. He uses color, line, and light to draw the viewer into his landscapes and details to guide you along the path to the place of most importance. I am fortunate to be signed up for a workshop with him in July. I am looking forward to learning some of his techniques.
Today's painting is done from a reference photo of my friends', Virginia and Jerry, pond in northwestern Washington. Several years ago, they bought a large and wonderful log house on several acres. Thanks to a family of beavers, they looked out from their deck onto a great pond. I have been meaning to paint this for years, but lost the photos until a few days ago. I was drawn to this photo because of the yellow leaf. Tom thinks I need to make the leaf look more like what it is. I am working on it.

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Michael said...


This is just fantastic. You have actually captured the emotion of the pond. It is very inviting. It is a place that I would enjoy curling up with a good book, or a sketch pad.

To me, a true artist does not just reproduce an image or a place. A true artist reproduces the emotion and passion that exists in the subject. You have the ability to take me to the places that you paint. Not only do I see those places, but I experience them.

That is a sign of greatness. I am subscribing to this blog. I am really looking forward to more of your work.