Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lower Falls WIP 3

Stage 1
Stage 2

Stage 3
I had a request to put all the stages of this WIP on the same page for comparison purposes. I hope this helps.
For this stage (3), I worked more on the farthest ridge on the right of the painting, the left ridges, and some on the far distance. As I work, I am constantly adjusting for value and temperature. One of the things I want to do next is darken the foreground of the hillside on the left. I will add some purples to indicate that this side is more in the shadow than the right side. The purple will also help the golden foliage pop more and send it further forward. I have all the elements I want to use from the original reference photo, so now it is all about the painting and what will make it work.

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Willa said...

How wonderful to see a painting from your trip. It's good to see that you are creating a growing portfolio of NW paintings.