Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Painting a glass blowing glory hole

Glory Hole WIP
10 x 8 soft pastels on sanded paper
by Miki Willa
This is another gift painting. Our oldest son is a glass blower, so I used a reference photo my husband took of son blowing a vase, which I have on my mantle. I wanted to capture the intensity of this part of glass blowing. The fire is so hot, the edges around it are blurred. There are subtle shapes and forms in the dark areas. I still have to flesh them out a bit and clean up some of the lines I want to be sharp. I am pleased with the colors and values, so far. This has been a challenge, but a very enjoyable one. It took me outside my normal comfort zone and there is not a speck of green here! I am adding this to my small spaces series.


Willa said...

Thanks so much for all the updates! May the New Year bring you many satisfying callenges with your art. Please keep posting, love, Willa

Loriann Signori said...

Miki, thanks for checking out my blog and for introducing me to your work. It's great to meet another talented, inspired pastel painter in the blog-o-sphere. Happy painting, Loriann

Casey Klahn said...

It is so great to see the local things I miss from the western side of the mountains. The glory hole is a neat picture and a challenging idea, too.

Miki Willa said...

Willa, I hope to be back to blogging several times a week with paintings, photos, and more. Thanks for checking in.
Loriann, Thank you for visiting.
Casey, Thank you for your encouraging words. I am thinking of doing a series around glass blowing. I think it will be a fun challenge, and I love the colors.

Cyrielle said...

This paint is very inspiring. Hope to see you soon!