Monday, February 11, 2008

Dragonflys and Crumbled Paper


Crumbled Paper

I didn't finish my painting this morning and didn't want to post this particular work in progress. I did, however, get a couple of sketching breaks during the day. I have had this photo of a dragonfly on a rhododendron for ages. It was on the top of the pile of photos I keep in my portable studio, so I grabbed my pastel pencils and had a go at it. It was great fun to do the gossamer wing thing. I also enjoyed doing the crumbled paper. I was preparing to throw away last months cafeteria menu when I decided I could draw it before I tossed it. Another fun piece.


Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Just called in to say hi...

Love your dragonfly - noticed your comment about using pastel left overs at plein air.

- I know of artists who catch the dust as they work in a small tray on the easel (which is better than letting it go everywhere and breathing it in)and then use the blend as a smudge colour for background on their next piece of work - gives toned greys.

Liked the coastal work as well - the feel is lovely.

Spider Girl said...

Pretty dragonfly picture!

But I love even more that you decided to draw the crumpled piece of paper before you tossed it. :)