Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Look at the difference a day makes

The painting on top is the finished version. The one on the bottom is the same one I posted yesterday. I wanted to put both of these up here so I could see the difference. They were both shot with the same camera under the same lighting conditions. All the changes you see were made intentionally by me after a critiquing session with my wonderful husband last night. I am much happier with the finished painting. Too often, I see changes I would like to make on these small morning paintings, but put them off so I can start something new. I put it into my storage booklet. Have I told you about that? I use tracing paper tablets to store my morning paintings. This way, I can carry them back and forth easily and they are protected. Since I am moving shortly, I am very happy that my paintings will all be moved in a safe and protected way. The other advantage of having them like this is I can take a tablet when I am visiting friends and show them what I have been doing.
Since I have no idea if I will get to a computer during the next several days, I bid you aloha until next Tuesday. Please come back and visit then.

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