Friday, March 28, 2008

Pastel Stream Series

Stream Race
9 x 12 soft pastels on Art Spectrum Coloufix
Miki Willa
Hello again. I am back from my trip to Washington state. We had a great time visiting family and house hunting. It was very cold. We were even entertained by a few snow flurries. Not good painting weather. It is still very beautiful there, however, and I am looking forward to moving back in June.
The painting is the newest in the Kalihi Stream series. I am so amazed that I can get so many different views and moods from a short stretch of a stream. I realized today that I have no reference photos of the bridge over the stream at the entrance to the retreat center. I may have to drive up there this weekend and check it out.


Tom said...

Stream and Pastels series is wonderful. I hope you find time to do some more points of view and streams. Aloha ku ipo Tom

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Good to see you back - thanks for the comments on mine, and glad you had a good time in Washington State.

Love the way the colours work on this, and the way you've brought out the sense of form in the rocks, and movement in the water. Can imagine you'll be hurrying to catch up on missed reference photos of Hawaii - sure I would in your place!!