Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pastels and Purple Cone Flowers

Purple Cone Flowers
9 x 12 soft pastels on Art Spectrum Colourfix
Miki Willa
I have been thinking about these flowers for months now. They may not be the most showy flower in the garden, but they are one of my favorites. On my trip across the U.S. several years ago, we stopped at a garden with fields of cone flowers. There were butterflies everywhere, enjoying all that nectar. I liked the flowers so much, I planted some in my garden in Washington.
For this painting, I started with the darkest green first in the background, after I did a pretty detailed sketch in charcoal. Then I built up the greens until I had the effect I was looking for. Next, I did the cones. I think there is more detail in the cones than I usually do, but I like the way they turned out. The petals were last. Overall, I am glad I finally decided to do this. Flowers often intimidate me, but I think I am getting better with them.


Tom said...

Simply lovly.

Anonymous said...

lovely painting!

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Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

These are very nice, and the pure colour sings against the muted green

Barbara Pask said...

Hi, I came over from Maggies blog to answer your question about getting someone to critique your work. Go to wetcanvas and sign up. It's free and the site is for artists to share. You can upload finished paintings or unfinished and you'll get wonderful artist that will give you great advice. Also through blogging I've met a few artists that check in on me and help me too. Hope this helps. Barb