Monday, March 17, 2008

A sketchbook day

And a happy St. Paddie's day to you all. My wonderful husband found two pieces of paper for me over the weekend. I put them in the car last night, then promptly forgot to bring them in this morning. Because of new temporary duties at work, that was probably a good thing. So, instead of doing a pastel painting, I decided to work in my sketch book. These are the very different results.

One of our students came in with a shamrock sticker next to her eye so I decided I needed to sketch her. I have such a hard time with whole faces, I decided to crop her pretty severely. I didn't realize until I posted the picture that her left eye is much lighter than her right. I will have to fix that tomorrow. Otherwise, I am pretty happy with this one. I am most pleased that you can tell it is a child. I think that is very hard to achieve.

The second sketch is from a WetCanvas reference photo. It is a farm building in the snow. I cropped it pretty severely because I wanted the building to go off the page. I am playing with composition, especially edges, these days. I am trying to learn to see in a different, more interesting way.

The last is something very different. I decided I would try a pastel pencil sketch in the sketch book. I really don't like dealing with white paper when I am working with pastels, so I looked around for something to help. First of all, this was my sketch book so no liquid blending would work. I tried watercolor in the book before and it was not pretty. Second, I didn't have any blending brush anyway. So, I decided to try markers. Don't try this at home unless you are very adventurous. If you do, make sure the base color is completely dry. The other major problem was I was using pencils instead of sticks, which give better coverage. I thought about not posting this one, but it is a journey of learning and discovery that I am sharing here.

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Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

I like these - especially the third one; I wouldn't have thought markers would come out so effective.

I once did a watercolour in a cafe on the top of a mountain in Scotland using coca cola as the mixing medium.
Quite an effective tint, but it didn't half raise a few eyebrows at the time....

I might post that one day!