Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Abandoned packing shed

The Packing Shed
12 x 18 soft pastels on Kitty Wallis Professional white
by Miki Willa
This painting has been kicking my butt. I think it is finally finished. The place is a lavender farm northeast of Bellingham, Washington. We were there on a very warm day, enjoying the lavender, the bees, and the beautiful surroundings. At one point, I spotted this old packing shed. Apparently, there used to be fruit grown on the property. The shed was still in relatively good condition as far as looks go, but I don't think I would want to spend much time under it. I love these old structures from a distance.
I started the painting with a gradient orange to yellow underpainting. It really kept the painting warm, which I think made for some of my problems. I finally decided to stay with the orange in the sky and work from there. I used the grayed out greens from my Terry Ludwig pastels for the trees in the background. I then used the warmer greens as I came forward. After fighting with it for days, I decided to kick back and have fun with it. Now, I like it.
I have decided to stay with more realism with my pastels and non-representational with the acrylics and collage. That decision has really eased my mind. I do really enjoy the style I have developed with the pastels, but want to expand my horizons. I think this will work out very well for me. I believe change can be very good, but I am of an age where hanging onto some of the old is very comforting.


Tom Willa said...

I like the way in, "Abondonded Packing Shed" the lavender in the foreground let's one enter into the painting. I have browsed through your last several posts. I see quite a great range of artistic muturatity. Don't sell yourself short about how wonderful these paintings and collages are.

Margaret Ryall said...

From the lady who is always setting up rules for herself, don't think too much. Just create in any way you want using whatever materials you want.

I found out who I was as an artist by giving myself permission to explore all kinds of materials, subject matter and techniques. Out of it all came my interest in mixed media and I'm still not consistent in subject matter. Great fun. Did you notice I've been putting some of my earlier oil pastels in my side bar just for you?