Monday, May 25, 2009

Acrylic abstract painting

Blue Silo
12 x 16 acrylic on 300# watercolor paper
by Miki Willa
I finally decided to stop listening to that inner voice that tells me I cannot do something. I chose colors I like together, images that make me happy, and set to work on my first real abstract painting. The result is pleasing to me. It has the farm fields and grassland, the approaching storm, and the blue silo. You may see something completely different, and that is great. The best part for me is that I did it.
Creating non-representation art is very difficult for me. The box I think inside is pretty narrow. I have been able to stretch it somewhat in my representational art, but not to this extent. I expected to get more set in my ways as I got older, but it seems I am doing some rebelling at the present time. This painting represents more to me than just trying something different. It is me stepping outside my box and taking a chance. I am betting that my work in the Artist's Way is having some effect on my creativity. This is a great thing and I am really enjoying this divergent path along the journey.
One of the things that has happened to help make this happen is creating a new studio space just for collage and acrylics. We have a small rust-orange colored room I claimed as my own. I set my sewing machine in there along with a bunch of stuff we were storing. Last week, we cleared it out, bought a new table, and I moved things around to make it a wonderful studio space. Now I can work on my pastels in the studio I share with my husband, and not get glue or acrylics on my pastel paintings, or his. He set up his oil studio in the garage. It is so good to live with another artist.
Speaking of pastels, I have nearly finished the one on the easel. It will probably be posted here in the next couple of days. In the meantime, take a look at my newest collage at Miki's Collages.


Margaret Ryall said...

Good for you. It's exciting to push at those boundaries. I like what I see. The colour scheme is springlike and fresh. The movement is pleasing. I find if I'm just having fun creating it is an end in itself. I've discovered many things about myself and my art by just fooling around with materials.

Elena said...

Hello Miki, this is Hummingbird from AW. Thanks for all your comments and support. I truly like what you did here. It reminds me of my rides past the farm fields. Very nice.

Elena said...

Hello Miki, this is Hummingbird from Artist Way. I like what you've done here. It reminds me of my rides past the farm fields. Very nice!

butterfly woman said...

For me, abstract art says "the sky's the limit". And I love how the viewer can interpret this type of art in his/her own way. This piece is dreamy yet full of passion. The colors blaze in their dazzling array. It almost feels collage-like to me, as if papers have been pasted down. Interesting. Can't wait to see more!

Kellie Marian Hill said...

the texture and combination of colors on this one is so wonderful!