Saturday, May 23, 2009

Landscape in acrylic

Earth and Sky
6 x 5 acrylic on 300# watercolor paper
by Miki Willa
I had some left over acrylics on my palette after working on some visual journal pages, so I decided to paint a small painting. I tried a painting in acrylics years ago and really hated the result. I was determined never to try it again. Since I started my visual journals, I have found I like acrylics for that purpose. I still put too much paint on the palette and hate to throw it away at the end of the day, so I came up with this idea. It was fun to mash all the paint around with small strokes, creating a sense of some texture. I may get some small canvases to create more abstract pieces with left-over paint as I go. I may learn to enjoy acrylics after all.
In the afternoon, I worked on the pastel painting on the easel. I am happy with the direction it is taking. I do enjoy working with the pastels quite a bit. I would like to do more paintings that are less representational, but I am having trouble making the shift. I will get there, but it will take more time and study. My left brain is screaming for me to get back in line and stop all this nonsense. My right brain is working up to taking the leap. It is an interesting place to be on this journey, and a very funny one for me. A year ago, I would have bet money I would never be in this place in my head. One should never say never.


april said...

Wow - very nice! I also have not ever worked in acrylics, until this journal that I am working in. I could never feel like I was in control of it. A very nice painting. Using leftover paint and you had fun experimenting!

Anonymous said...

This has a great feel to it. Very good! I always work with acrylics and they can be tough! Pastels scare me! You are very talented. Thanks for your kind words on the latest different strokes piece! Keep doing these 'left over paintings!'

butterfly woman said...

Acrylics are fun but challenging in their quick drying aspect. I love the brighter colors as compared to acrylics. This piece is gorgeous in its abstract beauty. Did you use a palette knife? Experimenting with paints is sooooo fun!