Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Big Island Days

Looking down into Kilauea Iki Crater
Photo by Miki Willa

I just spent three days on the Big Island of Hawaii with my friend Carol and her daughter Kylie. We spent time in Hilo Town and at Volcano National Park, where we stayed in a great cabin at KMC inside the park. I did a plein air painting this morning, but I didn't get a chance to take a picture yet. I got lost in the painting and didn't stop until it was past the time we set to leave. I really need to wear a timer of some sort. I will post the painting tomorrow.

In the park, we took two very interesting walks. The first one was near the Halema'uma'u Crater Overlook. This area is covered with places where the steam from Pele's fire comes to the surface. It is considered the sacred home of Pele, according to the sign. The colors were fantastic from the sulfur yellows near the openings to the deep rusty pinks of the tall grasses nearby. I really liked this area. The next walk we took was along Devastation Trail from the parking lot at Chain of Craters Road to the Kilauea Iki Crater overlook where I took the photo at the top. Another interesting area.

Nearer to Hilo, we went to Akaka Falls, Rainbow Falls, and, of course, Big Island Candies. For those of you not from here, this is where to get the best shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate you ever tasted. Even the sugar free ones.

Three days is much too short a time to visit, sight-see, scout out good painting spots, and get painting done. It was, however, a wonderful trip.

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