Sunday, October 28, 2007

Maggie Price Workshop Day 1

Kilauea Iki Overlook
9 x 12 soft pastels on Kitty Wallis White
Miki Willa
Tom and I were fortunate to take the first day of Maggie Price's workshop here in Honolulu. At the last minute, there were a couple of cancellations and we were happy to step in. She will be leading the workshop until Thursday, but we have to work the rest of the week. It was still quite good to get only this one day.
In the morning, Maggie demonstrated her brilliant color under painting method. I have not done under painting before, and really don't like the surface of Wallis paper, but I decided to get the most out of the workshop by giving it a try. Maggie uses the blue label turpenoid that melts the pigments into the paper, not taking up any of the tooth. She blocks in big areas using really bright yummy colors for this method. My first one was a bit too fussy, and then got worse. I just didn't seem to know where to stop. After overworking it quite a bit, I put it aside and started this one. I blocked in three colors for the under painting, red, lavender, and deep purple. Once it was dry, I started building the painting. It was quite an interesting technique. I may try it again. I still have some Wallis paper left.


Anonymous said...

Your volcano paintings are wonderful. You have the reference photo a couple of blogs down.

Mary Ann said...

I really like this work from Sunday's workshop. As I am visiting your blog, I am just so impressed with the sheer amount of work you are doing on your art: that is very cool. Hope the retreat is good/inspiring!malama pono