Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sharing a Work in Progress

White Plaines Beach - WIP
12 x 16 soft pastels on Art Spectrum Colour Fix
Miki Willa
I did a smaller version of this painting for the fast and loose challenge. I wasn't entirely happy with it, but figured out where I wanted it to go. I started this one this morning by laying in the sky and doing the charcoal drawing. Hopefully, you can see the drawing. I have a vision of what the water will look like, and hope I can get somewhere close. Ocean movement is still quite difficult for me. I am studying waves in other people's paintings, and by watching them endlessly. One day, I think it will all come together for me on paper.
This afternoon, I will work more on getting the larger areas blocked in with color, then begin putting in some details. I think I will save the people for last, since I have never put figures in my paintings before. This should be interesting.
I am leaving for Hilo on the Big Island tomorrow morning, so I probably won't post again until Tuesday afternoon. Until then, malama pono.

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