Sunday, November 25, 2007

The perfect studio

Tom and I have had many discussions about where to set up a studio in the house. This is what evolved. In what was designed as a dining area part of the great room, we discovered a workable area. The kitchen portion of the room is just behind the photographer, giving us a sink and all the snacks we want. Tom has his French easel standing near the back wall, and I use the old dining table, covered with what I hope is a protective cloth. Of course, there is not enough room to put our pastels, so we move them around as we use them. We have a table for still lifes, a lamp we share, an overhead lamp and fan, and the kitchen lamp for lightening. I would love to have better lighting some day. I think we both dream of having a studio that is dedicated solely to painting in the future, but this space has done well for us for the past five years. The best part is it is big enough for both of us to paint at once.

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Tom said...

I am so glad that you posted a picture of our studio residence when it was tidy. I am not sure if our relatives will ever let us stay with them while we journey around the country. You know how they feel about having someone who is a fanatic about cleanliness. It probably good we are loved by them Aloha T