Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Two Date Palms

Two Date Palms
7 x 10 soft pastels on Unison sanded paper
Miki Willa
I took the reference photo for this last summer at the bottom of the road up to Waimea Falls. I was so entranced by the tropical feel of this scene. I have put off painting it because I thought it was too complicated. I posted it as a reference when I hosted the landscape challenge on WC in October and have the advantage of seeing how several other people treated it. I was working on an unfamiliar surface, using a sample collected at a PAH meeting. The surface reminded me of Wallis, which I am not terribly fond of. It does hold quite a bit of pastel, but you have to put quite a bit on to cover the surface enough to blend colors the way I like. I really don't know why the date palms feel tropical to me, since they often grow in desert areas. It is probably just that they are palms.

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