Thursday, December 27, 2007

Color Theory - Analogous Colors

Clapper Bridge - England
7 x 10 soft pastels on Wallis
Miki Willa
Today, I decided to work with seven analogous colors. I started with orange and moved around the color wheel to blue violet. I was able to achieve the "whites" by using a very pale yellow. The greens range from yellow green to blue green. The values on the river don't show up well in the photo, except in the bridge shadow. I did an underpainting using pastels and turpenoid (with the blue label). I thought that since I was working with color, I would also do an underpainting using complementary colors to what I was going to use for the painting. I am still trying to get comfortable with this technique.
This is another reference photo from Wetcanvas! This one is by marie d. I really liked the old bridge made with stone slabs across the top. The photo looks like it was taken on a lightly overcast day. The sky and water were rather dull, but there were distinct shadows. I tried to retain that feeling in the painting.

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