Saturday, December 8, 2007

In praise of colored pencil artists

sketch for composition
colored pencils on Strathmore sketch paper
Miki Willa
I spent some time looking at the August 2007 CPSA winners this morning, and was in awe of all that talent. It made me go hunt down my old colored pencil set. I had a photo I wanted to sketch for composition before I did it in pastels. I decided to use my colored pencils. By the time I was finished, I was even more impressed with real colored pencil artists. Even in the best circumstances - all the colors you want/need, a good pencil sharpener - it takes patience and perseverance to create a good colored pencil drawing. I learned a lot about the composition I will use for the pastel painting, as well as learning about my lack of patience. I must have had more patience when I was younger and loved using colored pencils. I think, for now at least, I will stick with my pastels. The setting for this drawing is an abandoned sugar and molasses mill on Kaua'i. I just loved the truck.

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