Monday, December 17, 2007

Warm Still Life

Still Life with Fountains
detail of WIP
Miki Willa
Some days, it is really difficult to get in enough painting time in the morning. I left home at my usual early hour, but the traffic was a bit worse than usual so I got to work later. By the time I got set up to paint, I only had 20 minutes left before our staff Christmas celebration. Fortunately, I did the sketch for one of the paintings yesterday. I should not have taken the time to do the second one before I started painting. When I finally started, I decided to work one element at a time. I don't usually do this, but I am glad this time because I have something to show.
I tried to stick with only warm colors, but sometimes I found I needed something a bit cooler. The lavender I used in a couple of places was the warmest one I found in my pallet. I love the green on the wall. I think this may have been the reason I selected this photo. I does need to be toned down, but it was such fun to paint. I will wait until I have finished the whole painting before I go back to it. I may be able to work a bit of it in somewhere else and see what that does. The other challenge I am finding is creating the rustic look in some of the pieces. I am enjoying working with colors I don't often use. There is a luscious peach in my Great American set I have never used before. It may become one of my new favorites.

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