Saturday, December 22, 2007

Other Artists Blogs

Ohia Blossom

Christmas preparations are upon me, so I am not sure I will be able to paint much in the next two or three days. I thought I would take the time to send you on to three of my favorite art blogs. First is Painting My World by Karen Margulis. Karen is a pastel artist who does great landscapes and animals. Her marsh and beach scenes are very good, and she paints daily.
The second is Making a Mark written by Katherine Tyrrell. Katherine is a colored pencil artist and she shares her work occasionally on this site. Primarily, she researches and shares information about art, artists, and art blogging. Her daily entries are always informative, and often inspirational.
The third blog I have been enjoying lately is Pastels by Casey Klahn. Casey doesn't post every day, but it is worth subscribing to for his reviews of materials, insights into his art, and introductions to other artists.

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Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for the link, and also for reading my blog.