Monday, December 31, 2007

New pastels

Quiet Marsh
15 x 11 soft pastls on Art Spectrum Colourfix
Miki Willa

I was so excited when the honk came announcing the arrival of the mail carrier with my new set of Sennelier landscape half sticks. I chose this set because of the wonderful greys and the lights that I seem to be lacking. The box seemed to be carefully packed, but when I lifted the lid, I was very disappointed. At least 20 of the pastels were cracked, broken, or crumbled. I called and left a message with the place of purchase. Apparently they were not carefully enough packed to make it across the ocean. I know that I can crush each stick, add distilled water, and recreate the shape, but that seems a lot of work when I paid good money already. Hopefully, the place of purchase will find a better solution.
On a more positive note, I have spent a little time taking stock of all the positive things that have happened this year for me and my artistic endeavors. I have sold some paintings, been accepted into a show, then a gallery (for a two month show with my husband), painted almost every day for six months, and started this blog. My plans for 2008 include continuing to be faithful to the painting and blogging, continuing to increase my skills, and work on marketing my paintings.
Today's painting is of a small hidden marsh at Kualoa Beach Park. You have to walk to the east end of the park and climb a small wall to see it. I thought it was quite enchanting.

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